Fun Facts About Mitcham and Vermont

Fun Facts About Mitcham and Vermont

Orchard farms formed most of the Mitcham area from the 1860s. The name 'Mitcham' came from Mitcham Grove, one of the largest farms owned by William Slater.

Vermont could either be from a place in Ireland or named by the Victorian Botanist Ferdinand von Mueller. The First Post office and General Store was established in 1881.

Vermont Football Club played its first match in 1920 against Warrandyte. Vermont won!

Vermont is home to a few famous people including one Jason Smith who attended Vermont Secondary School.  He went on to Captain the Boomers National Basketball Team which competed in the Sydney and Athens Olympic games. 

Do you know of historical stories and famous personalities who reside in Mitcham/Vermont area? Let us know by posting your comments below.

Sarah says:
This is interesting. Thanks for sharing.
Walter V says:
Thanks for the info Sam.
Speaking of famous personalities, well known Film Director Gillian Armstrong is from Mitcham, i understand ... probably not a well-known info.
Sam says:
Walter V. Wow I did not realise that Mitcham has a Film Director. Must have more prominent people in Mitcham/Vermont area. Well done.
Sam says:
Sarah, Thank you for your kind comments. Hope you can Regularly visit my blog.

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