My Candidate Statement

My Candidate Statement

I am Sam Alcordo, a long-time resident of Vermont.

Please check my website at

I am nominating to be Councillor for Simpson Ward because I love my community. 
I believe that we need change and fresh ideas to effectively engage residents and support local business.

I stand for:


Residents knowing each other is a great start to a vibrant community. It fosters goodwill and social well-being. In our neighbourhood, we hold afternoon teas to get to know everyone better. Now with COVID 19, we have WhatsApp chats. This activity can be replicated across Simpson Ward, so no one feels left out. Getting the community involved and have a say in local developments is important. Recently, I started a petition for an off-leash dog park in Vermont, and another petition to provide free car park for Box Hill Hospital healthcare workers. These campaigns allowed the community to be aware of these issues and more importantly to have their views heard.


Buying from, encouraging and promoting our local businesses who are doing it tough especially during this pandemic. Local businesses provide jobs and make our community viable and liveable. Our local businesses rely on local customers, so it is important to ensure that they continue to thrive. Minimising red tape in getting permits should be priority. Recently, together with a local café in Vermont, I spearheaded a program to provide free coffee for our teachers and staff in Mitcham

and Vermont Primary and Secondary Schools supporting local business, and


TO BENEFIT RATEPAYERS. I stand for effective representation of hardworking ratepayers in Council decision-making, especially when it comes to the budget. I am endorsed by the Whitehorse Ratepayers and Residents Association.

rachael says:
i am really interested in the dog park idea - to be frank
Sam says:
Thank you for taking time to send me a message, Rachael. I am going to put on this on top of my "things to do list" if elected to Council. To all, in particular the dog owners, who have signed my petition, I will advocate for an off leash dog park in Vermont.
Matthew says:
Good policies here Samuel, looking forward to the big things to come in Vermont + Mitcham.

Bruce says:
I'm pleased to see all your aims for the Whitehorse community and it could not be in better hands.
Sam says:
Thank you to Matthew for your encouraging comments. I hope to bring in fresh ideas to ensure that Whitehorse Ratepayers get the best outcomes to their hard earned monies.
Sam says:
Dear Bruce, Many thanks for your kind comments. Your vote of confidence is very much appreciated. Kind regards.

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