Petition for an Off-Leash Dog Park in Vermont, Victoria

Puppy with a leash in his mouth

Now more than ever, in these Covid-19 times, Victorians are adding more dogs to their families. It is widely accepted that pets help enhance our well-being, by relieving stress and making us happy. Mitcham has two and Vermont South has one off-leash dog parks. Vermont does not have one. We need an off-leash dog park in Vermont in Whitehorse Council for our beloved dogs. The park should have, at least, two sections, one for small dogs and another for bigger dogs. Sign this petition to encourage Whitehorse Council to identify and allocate land for an off-leash dog park in Vermont, Victoria.

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Lisa F says:
I saw this petition in Facebook several times. It must be going well with over 260 likes today (31 July). I'm not surprised because we Whitehorse residents love our furry friends. Well done Sam. Hope Council listens!
Sam says:
Thank you, Lisa. It is very encouraging to see the number of signatories grow daily. We are now up to 299 signatures as of 9.32 AM 1.8.2020. Excellent outcome to this very timely petition.
Jan Jones says:
We have lived in Vermont for 52 years and have tried on numerous occasions to get The Abbey Walk creek area as a dog of leash area but with no luck. We have had 3 dogs over this period and use the area every day for our walks and to keep fit and It would be a wonderful asset to our beautiful neighbourhood.
Sam says:
Dear Jan. Thank you for your response to my blog entry. I am advocating for an off leash dog park for Vermont as part of my advocacy as a Council candidate representing Vermont (and Mitcham). Kind regards. Sam

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