Petition - Free Parking for Health Care Workers in Box Hill Hospital

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The news report of Royal Melbourne Hospital's ICU Doctor Katarina ARENDJELOVIC who worked for 56 hours over 4 days, only to given a $99.00 CAR PARKING fine is not the best way to show our thanks for our health care workers at the coal face of COVID 19.

Some of Box Hill Hospital's health care workers need to be escorted by security to get to their car at night (parked a considerable distance from the hospital). They also HAVE TO PAY for parking!

Whitehorse Council should provide SUFFICIENT FREE CAR PARKING  for Emergency and allied workers especially those who take care of COVID-19 Patients.

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Sarah K says:
Thanks, Sam. This is a key issue. We can't have hospital staff worrying about parking when they're already risking getting infected with the virus!
I don't understand why NSW councils were able to work with the NSW government to provide FREE parking to healthcare workers since April 2020, and we can't do that here??
Sam says:
Thank you for your comments in my blog, Sarah.
I have neighbours who work as healthcare workers in Box Hill Hospital, they are concerned for their safety when walking to their car parks at night. We need to follow the lead of NSW in offering free car parks. The problem is perennial and Council and the state will have to step in to fix this.
Bruce says:
This should have been possible for health workers long ago.
Sam says:
Hi Bruce. I agree with you. The state of NSW has worked with the Local Councils and have allowed their Healthcare workers free parking in the nearest vicinity of their workplace. Whitehorse Council can be a major contributor in giving out more permits, that they claimed to have given out. There is even Council owned land, near the Hospital, that can be converted to much needed free car parking for healthcare workers. Kind regards. Sam

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