Schools in Vermont and Mitcham

Primary school children in uniforms working on whiteboards and smiling

Our schools do not only provide excellent primary and secondary education to our children they also give us important hubs for community interactions.

My children, Mark and Emma, will always look back to Rangeview Primary School with fondness. And Sam Jr, my eldest son, had a few years at Vermont Secondary College.

We salute the teachers and staff at Rangeview Primary School, Vermont Primary School, Mitcham Primary School, St James Primary School, Antonio Park Primary School, Mullauna College and Vermont Secondary College for their commitment to our children’s academic and social well-being.

Please share which school or teacher in your primary and secondary school has influenced you the most and why?

Helen says:
My 2 kids kids both had Mrs Buisman for Prep at Rangeview Primary School. Lovely woman.
Sam says:
Thank you, Helen. Mrs. Buisman has been a Teacher with Rangeview for quite some. I gather she has now retired from Teaching.
Daniel says:
The years I was at school were the best years of my life I will always look back at it fondly.
Sam says:
Thank you, Daniel. School years are always fun years of our lives. This is where you form lasting friendships.

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