Stage 4 Lockdown - Mental & Physical Wellbeing Tips

Young family sitting on a couch talking and smiling to a laptop on a video call

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. There is no silver bullet to surviving these trying 6 weeks but we can be proactive about maintaining our physical and mental well-being.

Here are some helpful websites:

Physical Well-being tips from The Guardian

Mindfulness and physical fitness tips from the Telegraph UK - working from home

More working from home tips

Psychology today on maintaining family relationships during COVID 19

Tips on studying at home from Unesco

David B says:
This is great Sam.This Stage 4 lockdown can be really difficult for vulnerable Victorians. Your suggested websites are great.
I also heard that we can now avail of additional 10 additional Medicare subsidised psychological consultations. More power to you, Sam.
Sam says:
Thank you for your response to my blog, David. Please note that Victorians are able to access more funding under the new Federal Dept of Health.The link can be accessed on:
David B says:
Thank you for the link, Sam!

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