VOTE 1 Sam Alcordo

VOTE 1 Sam Alcordo

Community involvement

  • Donor — in partnership with Rise n Grind, started ‘A Cuppa for Teachers’ for local primary and secondary schools
  • Petition for an off-leash dog park in Vermont — July 2020 via Submitted to Council on 13th August 2020
  • Petition for Free Car parking for Box Hill Hospital healthcare workers  Aug 2020 via Submitted to Council on 19th Aug 2020
  • Active participant — Sunday afternoon teas for Vermont neighbours • Board of Management — Neighbourhood House Box Hill South
  • School Council — Rangeview Primary School
  • Team Manager — Vermont Vultures Basketball Team
  • Board of Management — members Integration of Mitcham Baptist Church
  • Active Fundraiser — mission team of Mitcham Baptist Church
  • Other community campaigns — including for the retention of the community phone booth at corner Beddoe Street and Centre Road

What I Stand For

  • Social inclusion & community engagement so no one in Simpson Ward is left behind.
  • Supporting local business & economic Inclusion so local entrepreneurs flourish and workers especially in Simpson Ward have a fair go in work.
  • Transparency in a fair and responsible council budget, which may lead to lower rates.

Download my brochure below to read more about me

Sam-Alcordo-Flyer.pdf Sam-Alcordo-Flyer.pdf (421kB)

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