Whitehorse Council Satisfaction Survey

Whitehorse Council Satisfaction Survey

Do you know that Whitehorse Council undertakes a Community Satisfaction Survey every year? The purpose of this is to find out what residents think of Council's performance?

Read the results of the 2019 survey here

In general, the Council got a satisfaction rating of 69% for overall performance. This is 2% above metropolitan Melbourne's average rate. 

However, Council received a rating of 3% below the metro average for 'Overall Council Direction'. This suggests that compared to other metro councils, Whitehorse residents have given Council a slightly lower rating for leadership on Council direction.


What do you think our Council should be doing or doing differently to improve its services? Please post any suggestions onto this blog

Kerry F. says:
Satisfaction surveys can be a bit tricky. But a rating of below the metro average for Overall Council Direction is not a very good sign. It signals a need for Council to be more clear and strategic for its vision for the community.
Sam says:
Thank you, Kerry for your response to my blog. Hopefully, the the new elected councillors will be able to reverse the trend.

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